Tips For Managing Occasional Stress


Today’s world is full of stressors, triggers, to do lists, the list goes on and on. Sometimes it’s really almost too much to manage! So we’re going to take a step back from cannabinoid education today and focus on some natural tips to manage daily stress and hopefully bring a little peace and sunshine to your world!

Stay Active!

Exercise is not only great for the body but great for the mind as well! Building muscle among many other things helps burn fat, enhance joint stability and increase bone density which will help you tremendously later in life but aside from the physical benefits your mind has just as much to gain from a solid sweat sesh. Exercise stimulates the release of endorphins, dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin…that’s four different happy hormones! On top of the release of these happy hormones you’re also releasing built up tension and adrenaline that’s causing you to feel “on edge”. Exercise works as well if not better than medication for many people.

Ditch the Caffeine

I know, no coffee…wild concept right? Well the good news is that caffeine doesn’t have a negative effect on everyone. BUT as we know it is a stimulant so whether we like it or not, it’s totally plausible that caffeine could be leaving you feeling a little more on edge than necessary. Research has shown that caffeine may worsen anxiety disorders, cause the jitters, nervousness and can even cause panic attacks in some people. Yikes! Now I’m not saying you can never have caffeine, just get to know your body and do what serves you best!


Meditation is by far a favorite of mine. For those who haven’t had the opportunity to experience and learn more about the practice of meditation, it can seem a little “out there” or even trendy as of lately. The reality is meditation is not what many people think. Many assume it’s solely a practice that requires you to empty your mind and if you’re not being perfectly still and thoughtless then you’re doing it wrong. Well I’m happy to tell you that is incorrect. Meditation is a mindfulness practice and there are many many different styles of meditation. The goal is not to ignore and shut out all thoughts, it’s to find a place of stillness and grounding where you can allow the thoughts to flow. Allow them to enter your mind, acknowledge them and allow them to leave, it’s the awareness of your thoughts and the ability to approach them in a more objective manner. Sure, eventually you can achieve the quiet place of stillness so many refer to but that’s after much practice! Check out the app “Waking Up” by Sam Harris if you’d like some tasteful guidance! 


Don’t you wish there were more hours in the day? I know I do! With life throwing curve balls right and left it’s hard enough to keep up some days much less stay ahead, and if you’re trying to do it on inadequate sleep you’re in for a rough ride. Sleep is essential for literally countless reasons. Your mind and body can’t meet their potential without the time to recharge, reset and repair. Poor sleep is linked to depression, higher risk for diabetes, heart disease, inflammation and so much more. Do yourself a favor and spend a week truly focusing on getting not only enough but adequate sleep (no sleeping with the tv on!) and see what it does for your overall performance in life.

I could ramble about healthy habits and natural tips and tricks for days, especially when it comes to dealing with stress/anxiety/depression as these are things I’ve been studying for the better half of my life, but I’ll save you the lengthy read and save that for another day. Habits can be very hard to change, habits become a lifestyle but it’s the small changes that gain momentum and change your life. We hope these tips will help some of you out there!

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