KAO: Nature’s Expression of Wellness


Welcome to Kao Naturals! Many have asked us how we landed on the name Kao Naturals, well the Japanese word “kao” means “expression”. It’s something we felt connected to and as we focused on creating a brand that embodied “nature’s expression of wellness” it became apparent that Kao Naturals was a no brainer.

Kao is a woman led and family focused company. We take a lot of pride in our brand family and team. We hold our connection high as that genuine intention of care and wellbeing for others transcends into our product lineup. Everytime we receive an email about how our products have helped someone or impacted their quality of life we are literally giddy with excitement, it’s the most fulfilling thing and makes all of the countless hours and effort beyond worth it!

Our products were created for people in all walks of life, we offer full and broad spectrum as well as isolate options giving you the ability to choose what’s best for you right now. We keep our products as simple and natural as possible, crafted with only high quality ingredients.

Our hemp extract is organically and sustainably grown in Oregon, top notch products require top notch extracts and we’re proud to say ours fits that mold.

Third-party lab testing is a must, you will find a QR code on each product leading you to the accompanying certificate of authenticity. Our facilities are all CGMP certified, giving you the added security of knowing that your product is created in a regulated facility.

Kao Naturals ultimate goal is to provide products that are clean, transparent and provide the wellness support so many are seeking. You shouldn’t have to worry or guess what’s really in your products, we take away that guesswork and hope to give a sense of peace when embarking on your wellness journey. So set your worries aside, take a deep breath and embrace nature’s expression of wellness through Kao Naturals.

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